Thursday, October 20, 2005

Breathing is sooooo overrated

So last night was the suq, in a big way. No hip hop class for me. Just sit at home and be miserable cuz you can't breathe through your nose from the allergies....not that it matters because my lungs weren't working anyhow. I finally took my inhaler, not that it helped much. So I knitted. Alot.
Well, it seemed like alot, but I'm sure I didn't accomplish that much since I'm the slowest knitter on the planet. I'm so slow that making a guage swatch IS the project. Oh well. Maybe as I get better at it, I'll go faster.

My scarf is almost done, tho. Another half a skein and I should be finished. I was going to make my Mom a scarf out of this stuff because she loved it so much, but there's no way she's getting this yarn. It just doesn't slide easily and my wrist gets so tired. So that's what last night was about. Feeling all my pains. Asthma, allergies, and now this stupid carpal tunnel. Oh well, hopefully after getting my meds tonight that I'll start feeling better. At least the asthma will be better.

On a more upbeat note: I did figure out how to purl last night. I can't seem to figure out how to hold my yarn the right way, but I did a whole row of just purl. Then I did a few stitches of ribbing to figure that out. It was kind of hard with this bulky yarn, and being clumsy, and my wrists hurting, and cuz I stink at it, but I kind of got it. If I make my mom a ribbed scarf, it should be ready by Christmas 2010......if we're lucky.


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