Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two steps forward....

Ten rows back. So sad but soooo true. Here is the picture of the scarf:

Now, I know what you're saying. -- That looks exactly like the other pictures. She hasn't been working on it at all. Must be busy with planning her Halloween costume. Well, that's where you're wrong. What you don't know is that I still don't know what I'm going to be for the Halloween party that's this Saturday. So, hah! showed you. I have done no planning, whatsoever. Oh the scarf. Right. Well what happened was that I got so frustrated with the little bit that I had done that I couldn't knit my way back to correct-ness, so I gave up and ripped back to the start. I did it all over again, but added another four stitches of width. Not that you can tell. So I happily knitted along for awhile until I thought I had caught up to myself. No mistakes good to go.

So last night I sat down to really concentrate. I mean it this time. Really focus, pay attention......hey wait, what did he say? Yeah, the guy on tv. What's his name lost how much on Biggest Loser?.....Wow, k2, p2, k? Where am I? Oh . So I ripped back. Then I spent at least a half hour trying to get the darn loops back on the needle right. And, I did it wrong anyhow, and ended up ripping back some more. By this point all the "work" I had done for the night was gone. But so were the tv shows, so I set back to fix it. So I happily knit. Probably a half hour longer than I should. Maybe that was the problem. Stop while you're ahead, that's what I always think -- and never do. *Sigh* So I sit there in my bleary eyed state, admiring my work with my cute puppy cuddle up against me. I sit there being impressed that the yarn is knitting up as soft as it feels on my little toilet paper roll, and then, just as I'm about to put it down. I see it. And then, I see what happened because of it!. Not only did I drop a stitch, right in the middle of my work, about four rows down. About as much as I had done in that said bleary eyed half hour, but because of said missed stitch, (and pick up somewhere else since I counted 42 at one point and everything was working out in twos), the ribbing was now off one column for the next four rows. Man was I pissed. Soooooo pissed. So I ripped it out and knit one, count it one, lovely row of spot on stitches and went to bed. Next time, PAY ATTENTION!

Anyhow, tonight, in the moments that I managed to stay awake, I knit a whole four rows on it, so progress is slow. I'm going to be looking at patterns some more tomorrow to get another project going. Everytime I see a pattern, I freak just looking at all the letters and numbers that make no sense to my spell checker, but make perfect sense to every other knitter in the world. I guess I just get overwhelmed. On line at a time, just read, one. line. at a time. Yeah, I'll get right on that.

In more happy news. I got the below prezzies from my fabulous mommy, and the puppy, I guess. Suddenly Jordan's lack of opposable thumbs has not prevented her from signing her name in my mother's handwriting (sneaky doggie) and posting it. Very impressive for an 18 month old dog. New dog, new tricks.

Sorry about that hideous lens flare. Better than no flash tho.

Three lovely boxes full of yummies from Harry and David's. Perfect for helping me gain back all that weight I haven't lost lately. Oh boy!

Watch out! Here come the holidays. Quick there's one right behind you!


  • Goodies from Harry & David, somebody sure loves you! My knitting has been going about as badly as you. I ripped the socks out again because I was worried they were too small. I'm not sure I have it in me to continue on with these. I don't like the way the yarn feels anyway, I think I need a break from these stupid socks!

    By Blogger Heather, at 12:34 AM  

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