Thursday, November 03, 2005

All in good time...

Hello and welcome to "Getting my Act Together". I think we may have some success with today's post.
Last night I went home and cast on my itty bitty needles with my itty bitty yarn and actually got somewhere first, but first let me show where it is I'm trying to get to in the first place.
Here is a lovely picture of the book that I'm working from. It's a pretty cool little book with tons of photographs and no crappy drawings. Very useful for the pictorially challenged such as myself. If only I had bought this one first.


Here is a picture of the project that is bound to make me nuts.

In other peoples reality they are for these little hangers, but in my reality they are going to be red and white with who knows what embroidered on them and they will have a lovely peppermint/candy cane scented potpourri inside that has yet to be obtained. I promise when I find it, it will be lovely.

For now you will just have to use your imagination on this picture and make it red and have some cool little do-hickey on the front that has something to do with Christmas. O, wait, I can help you with the red part, but it might make you flinch a little.

Just don't stare at this photo for too long or you'll burn your rentina and be screwed forever. I really can't have that kind of guilt hanging over me, so please, spare yourself.
With this time change I am unable to take many pictures with fabulous natural lightlight so everything is subjected to the god awful flash on my camera that makes people on the other side of the room go all blinky. It's certainly not doing justice to this fairly red yarn. It's not magenta, I promise. I would never buy magenta.
Anyway, this is my curly-cue stockinette that has forever and a day left to stitch on it, and this is only bag one. Sure there's only 22 stitches to cast on but you have to go 8 inches with fingering weight yarn to construct one bag. You see how this might take awhile when you spend the greater part of your time focusing on wrapping the yarn around the right way and praying that you don't drop a stitch off. I managed to only drop about three times last night and I got them all back fairly quickly. I use the term quick loosely. Very loosely. I have purchased an itty bitty crochet hook for my dollhouse scale yarn which will move up the speed of my picking up broken stitches. In theory, I would never drop the stitches in the first place. Looks good on paper, right, but so does communism. We know how well communism works out.
I believe me neon blue crochet hook to be a wise investment.

Moving on....

Here are some photos of the scarf that I would like to make. I must ask you to use your imagination again. This time with no help. C'mon you can do it!

Okay, okay, don't hurt yourself!

So, picture that there are no hideous stripes in ugly colors and that you can tell that the basic color is a lovely cream. The pictures in the book aren't so fabulous and I have done them no
justice here. Really it is a nice scarf. Hopefully I wll not destroy it when I try to do it. The repeating pattern is fairly easy and doesn't involve too many complicated stitches. Plus it has a bit of a lacey feel to it, but it's still on sport weight yarn. Which I might add is going to feel like a dream after this splitty cotton crap.

I also have one more undisclosable project coming up. In fact the yarn is in the mail, but I'm afraid that it is for one of my only readers and I just can't expose it. I will take all kinds of photos of it while I'm working on it, and perhaps give you little snipets of it here and there. Other than that, my lips are sealed. Or whatever it is you do to seal things when you're typing...

So that's where I'm at right now. At least I'm heading in the right direction and freaking knitting the right way. Not that I'm bitter or anything. Well, not VERY bitter, anyway. Not that I have anyone else to blame but myself, but in the style of my generation I will look for any means to blame society and be looking for someone else to sue for emotional damages. There were a LOT of emotional damages.


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