Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I don't even know what to say. I was looking at these great little tutorials on this site so that I could figure out Fair Isle and Intarsia for some future projects. So I'm watching this movie and I notice that the woman is knitting funny. WRONG! I'm knitting funny. I don't understand how it's possible for it to work, either, because I purl the way she purled in the video.
Let me essplain:
When I knit I don't go to the left of the loop in the front, stick the needle to the back and wrap and pull through. I go straight into the back of the loop from the back of the needle, wrap and pull through. Now I just sat here and looked at the way the loop sits by the use of one highlighter, one pen, and one rubberband, and it just doesn't seem like what I do, and what you're supposed to actually produces the same result. And yet, somehow it does. I really don't get how it's possible. Now I could understand in garter stitch that it might work since knitting is all you're doing, but how can I knit wrong, purl right, and get the same visual results? Have I just been making it harder on myself this whole time? Or is this going to be a huge problem when I get further down the line? I mean, I was just getting to understand the whole k2p2 ribbing thing by looking at the way the stitch faced you and I don't think those rules apply anymore. I think my stitches have been "twisted" or something this whole time. I now have to run straight home and examine my scarf because I'm so perplexed. I'm going to cast on these little satchet bags that I plan to make for Christmas and try doing this the "right" way and see if the results are any different. If they're not I'm going to be terribly confused and completely intrigued. Leave it to me to make something work right the wrong way.


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