Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If you knit fast enough.... won't run out of yarn. This was my theory last night as I sat working on the last little sweater that I could sqeeze out of this skein. I wouldn't have worried of I had ordered more yarn, or had some, or had any plans to get more, but none of those things were true, so I had to make it with what I had. So I knit fast and furious - intent on seeing whether or not I was going to run out. I would try not to look at the sneaky ball of yarn in the hopes that it would not sense my fear. They can sense fear you know. If they think that you're the slightest bit worried about running out, then you surely will. Thankfully the ball did not know that I was worried, but still all I had left was this

Size 5 needles for reference

You can see why I was just a little nervous. It looked even worse when it was this part of skein flopping around all over the place. The only thing that I can do now with this little bit is entertain the cat. I'm sure that she will be pleased. But she will tell me that she hates it. You know cats.

Anyhow I have pictures of the scarf for my mom! It is complete. I blocked it last night

Apologies for it being so fuzzy, but I guess I was having flash issues or something. At least this gives you a good perspective on the size of the thing. It's layed out on our full size futon.

And here is a far lovlier photo of it close up. Ah morning light makes things so much prettier. Well some things, anyhow, but let's not get into that.

So, this is a 6" x 5' (roughly) scarf done in 2x2 ribbing on size 6 crystal palace needles with 3 hanks of Manos de Uruguay cotton stria in white.

I loved this yarn, I loved these needles. I would do it all over again, except for the boredom and time factor of knitting 2x2 forever and a day. Let's call it endurance knitting. I'm glad it's done, I'm happy with the finished product, and I hope to never do another one in the future =)


  • I was worried I would run out of yarn making Brent's hat because I needed enough to make stripes on James' hat but I wasn't even close to running out.

    The scarf looks great, your mom will love it!

    By Blogger Heather, at 8:00 PM  

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