Thursday, November 10, 2005

Inching along

Okay I guess it's more like "Inch Along"....

So things went kind of slow last night. I came home to find out that boyfriends extremely expensive computer was no longer functioning....again. He was frantically ripping apart the office looking for some customer service numbers. It wasn't pretty and the stress of it made me go lay down. I tried to help, but was only getting in the way.

Eventually I dragged out the mystery and worked about two rows on it. It's not the knitting that's slowing me down, it's the untangling the skeins five times a row. I could have d
one more if I hadn't stopped to work out. It was needed, and begrudged.

After dinner I worked on it a little more, but it's just so slow. I get into it, but it takes me forever. Don't get me wrong, I'm only upset that it takes time because there is an impending merry holiday that it's due. The results are beautiful and well worth the wait.
The only thing is that the heavier that it gets, the more it slips off my damn turbos, which is really not helping the slow progress of things, or my attitude for that matter. I can see two places in one color block where I screwed up royally, and every time I pass them, I get annoyed. I need to stop being so perfectionist about it. It's the third big thing that I've cast on, and the first two were freaking knit wrong. I need to be proud o
f the sorely neglected, larger population, of good stitches. Right before I put it up last night, I did give the good stitches (and the dog) a good pet. Both feel much better about life, and I won't have to worry about coming home to angry puppy or angry project.

But, as this project has a deadline, I do have a little leeway. Other projects for the holidays, do NOT have leeway and so I will be casting one of them on today. The yarn is this cream colored alpaca/silk blend from elann. I got it the other night, and I'm in love with it's soft, squishy texture, and it's low price [evil grin]. I'll let you know how it knits up. I'm hoping that it's good. I was going to do that pattern that I showed you the other day, but i think I'm going to do this scarf instead.

I found it on a search for open work knitting scarves. It's simply a lace pattern repeated over and over. Five times should be good. We'll see what the guage is of the yarn, tho. I can't remember, and it's in my bag. Pulling it out at the office might be a little odd. Might get some strange looks. They might start paying more attention to the lack of work I produce, and then I would have to do like, work. And that would suck. So yeah, I'll figure it out while I'm knitting in the car.

ANYHOW...the pattern is from here. She has some lovely FO's and nice pictures. I'm not sure if I'll be putting the beads on, but either way I think it will turn out nicely. As long as I do screw up all the new stitches I have to do.

The funny thing is that this is almost the exact same pattern, except that there is an SSK in there that's not in the pattern from the book. I love the look of this scarf a lot more than the other. Perhaps it's just the yarn of the other scarf that bothers me. The picture of that other scarf is hideous, the colors, the yarn, everything. This scarf is so lovely. I hope that my yarn makes a lovely scarf, and not some ugly hair ball. I have enough of those at home, thank you very much.

Alright, one last thing. About the 2x2 ribbed scarf that is not complete and knit backwards. What should I do about it? I doubt that suddenly knitting the correct way will look the same as the not so correct way, and thus the scarf will have an obvious line and I'll have to rip it out. Do we think I should just keep going, doing it wrong, and hoping that my brain can separate the two? Do we figure that I can frog it and start over doing it right and get it done in time for holidays? Do we think that I can emotionally handle frogging that scarf? It's about three feet long now....and it's ribbing, and, and, waaaaaah! Maybe boyfriend will do it for me while I wind the ball. I need a little emotional support for it, anyhow.

*Sigh*, ofcourse knitting had to be the only thing I didn't have beginner's luck with. Curses! Foiled again.


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