Monday, November 28, 2005

My inner yarn snob

"A woman was accosted earlier today in the yarn store by a figure known as 'the inner yarn snob'. The snob, who has yet to be identified, gently coerced, and later forced, the woman to purchase 100% wool (cascade 220) over a (cheap) acrylic yarn. The tactics that the snob used were both underhanded, and some reports say, dastardly. The woman says that the snob coerced her by saying that the Cascade wasn't *that* much more expensive, that the yarn was destined to become gifts, and thus, was okay to splurge a little on, and that if she didn't buy the yarn she would regret it. For the rest of her life. (Threats might be exagerated. The woman was highly distressed during the interview). Authorities are still looking into the situation and the woman is being held in custody to protect her against futher snobbish attacks. The snob was apparently very stealthy and managed to escape unseen. Fiber experts would like to remind us that if you would like to avoid yarn attacks, prevention is the best medicine. If you don't go into the store, you can't be forced to purchase. If only the woman had heeded these wise words...."

- The Addictive Press

I hope that everyone had a happy turkey day. I know I did, and I'm even happier that the kitchen is nearly back to manageable. I even found a spot in my tiny cabinets for the enormous roasting pan that I got this year. All in all, a good holiday.

I also got a reasonable amount of knitting done as well. Another tiny sweater is off the needles and another is half way done. I realized that I would run out of yarn with this last sweater and have made an attempt to purchase more yarn. I don't think that four is going to cover my growing list of recipients. As
you can see, I got attacked in the store, but I think I'm going to be okay. At least I didn't buy the superwash or Panaz versions that I was looking at. I was able to fight the snob off a little.

The other thing that I'm rather proud of is that I'm three, count them, THREE, repeats into my lace pattern and none the worse for wear. I only managed to truly screw up one row, which I was able to rip back easily from because of my lifeline. Oh, I'm so happy that I learned of this technique. It is definately the way to go for the beginner lacer. Also, this pattern is really awesome. I was a little worried because it was tangy and I seemed to be having so very many problems with lace, but it's truly awesome. I think it's because every row is different but is a very simple repeat. It also helps that there are the same number of stitches on every row. This is great for me because then I can count, makes sure I'm at the right place and then pull the lifeline without fear. At first I was putting it in every row, but now I'm doing it once a motif repeat. I still have the fear of wool in me, but I think that's what's preventing me from having this project cursed like all the others. Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures for you.

And lastly I would like to leav
e you with pictures of my pumpkin pie pumpkin. Like I didn't have enough to do before the big day, I had to get distracted with dough crafting:

Here it is before it went into the oven

Here it is all baked and chillin' on the rack:

And here it is on the pie:

I'm just so easily amused =)


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