Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damnit! Where's my magic wand?

Or Bippity-boppity-boo-hoo, but that's way too cheesy, even for me.

So today has been all about wishing for my very own magic wand to fix all that ails me. I just wanted to :zap: so many things to fix them.
:ZAP: Caffeinated coffee in the pantry so that I could be civilized this morning :ZAP: get rid of the splitting migraine from not getting the coffee that I didn't have in the pantry this morning. :ZAP: downsize all those holiday shoppers that have overtaken Target that are interefering with my ability to get coffee to spare myself another viscious coffee-less morning. :ZAP:.....well you get it.

I would have written earlier, but I was too busy trying to quell the demon in my head with diet coke. After having convinced my stomach to accept the drink and give it to the gremlin, things are better. As you can imagine, life without coffee in the Addictive household gets ugly. The fact that I forgot to purchase more on the last trip to the store is a sure sign that life is getting too hectic.
One good thing has come of being unable to see straight from the "there's a nail in the side of my head" feeling that I had today, and that is, Christmas presents. While they should have been in the mail, say, a week ago, sadly they are not. Some of them are still on their way from Amazon. Said gifts are for family that resides in Asia. A place that it takes about a month to ship things to, especially during this over commercialized giving season. There are members of this family that I am never able to think of cunning gifts for, and am constantly walking the store looking for presents for. Usually I get distracted and walk out with nothing. In my caffeine-free haze, I found that I didn't care anymore about the perfect gift and managed to just grab things off the shelf that they will hopefully like. I'll never find the perfect thing anyhow, but I think I got close enough.
What about some handknit gifts you say? To that I say, there are 6 of them, 2 are teen/pre-teen boys, and they live in a place where the only way they could feasibly wear a sweater/hat/mittens/any of the above is if they cranked the A/C (if they indeed have A/C over there) on extra full blast and wait a week - and then, only in their house. No, for people who can spend their Christmas pool-side, I just buy gifts from stores they don't have over there. Which in this case, is just about every store you can think of. They will, however, receive one tiny sweater to hang on their tree, or whatever it is that is standing in for their tree.

On to the knitting....
You might be saying to yourself that you don't see any pictures in this blog. Yeah, sorry about that. The thing is that I have, in fact, been knitting like a fiend and can't prove it. I spent Sat. and yesterday knitting up a storm, but you've seen it already. I could dazzle you with more pictures of tiny, non seemed, sweaters, but you can go back to the post yourself. Show you a slightly longer lace scarf, but again, same thing. I could show you absolutely lovely photos of the mystery project, but even if I said that if you were the recipient you shouldn't look here, I know that some people couldn't resist. No, no, don't try to sweet talk me, I'm too caffeinated to fall for any of that now. You must wait for the gift to be given, and then I will display it in all it's goodness. Don't worry, I'm taking progress shots. Currently that project is over half way (okay only three rows over half way, but it's still over the half way point, sheesh) complete and I couldn't be happier. I feared that there would be no way in hell that I would ever finish this project by Christmas, but it now appears possible. I just have to knit like a whirling dervish on uppers for the next however many days until Christmas. I'd figure that number out, but I think it might scare me. I will not be feared!
On other fronts, I'm currently looking for a pattern to use the other fingering weight yarn. I was planning on making another lace scarf out of it for another Christmas present but don't want to do the same pattern, and don't think that the airy nature of this yarn would be good for the one I'm doing currently. So the search is on, again, for another perfect lace scarf pattern. Surely there is one in the book I ordered, but it is the only thing left to ship on my enormous amazon order that I placed. They have already shipped me two separate boxes off the same order because they are waiting for things to come in. Ofcourse the one little thing I order for myself is the only thing left behind. Likely I won't get this until it's too late to use any of the patterns from it for Christmas. Classic.

Where's my wand again??


  • You know I would look! I already know what I'm getting from everyone else (inadvertantly from MIL's e-mail, oops). Yours will probably be the only surprise and it sounds exciting!

    And guess who is next to me in the Mid-Atlantic Knitters blogring....

    By Blogger Heather, at 7:08 PM  

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