Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Officially out of control

I am amazed at the speed at which I can make things can go from stressful, but manageable, to completely out of control. It's like all of these things that I think of every year build up in my mind, like static electricity, and then they suddenly jump out as soon as it's almost too late to do them. When this happens, I'm usually in a place where I'm able to obtain the goods to make my visions a reality and run madly about the store grabbing things off the shelf and throwing them in my basket thinking that

"Oh it's 60% off, that means I can do it for 6 more people, or 6 times the amount of stuff that I planned to do.
And "well if I do this then it should have a home made tag and that should have lovely details and, and, and....."

Well you can see how quickly this can get out of hand. Tack on the fact that if I'm making a bunch of the same thing for several people, I have to do the same thing for all of them. It's not like any of them see what I did for the other person, but in my mind they must all be treated equally. For example this little sweater is for the Asia family. No, the box is still not out the door, thanks for asking though. Last night the package from Amazon with the last of their presents finally came. So I wrapped them, and then I realized that I hadn't written a note to go in this box AND that I had been planning to send them a tiny sweater ornament. You know....the sweaters that I knitted flat, the ones that need to be seamed that I haven't touched yet? Yeah, those ones. THEN, I remembered that I wanted to put a little embellishment on it, so I did this little snowflake star on it with the floss I bought back when this brilliant idea came to me. Ofcourse I remembered that I bought the floss, but where was that bag? I do this a lot. I couldn't possibly make it easy on myself and put the bags on the huge desk that I specifically set up in my office for crafts. That would be too easy. So, there went at least 15 min. to find the damn floss. Standard operating procedure. Which is why what I want to do for everyone for Christmas seems reasonable to complete in the amount of time alotted, but will turn into a mad rush after I'm done embellishing everything to my liking.

Where are those ribbons I bought? What happened to those beads? Didn't I see some glue around here? WHERE DID I PUT THE DAMN SCISSORS!!!

Add to that a hectic work day and the feeling that I must feed the blog and you'll be able to understand what happened when you hear about the woman who's head exploded while doing holiday crafts.

Yours Truly,
The Grinch


  • That's why I decided to only make one project at a time for gifts and dumped the snowmen for this year. I only ended up making 3 knit gifts but at least I enjoyed it and wasn't too stressed about the whole thing. I was thinking the same thing, like if I knit snowmen for my grandmother then I'd have to make it for my aunts, cousins, etc.

    I still have to make tags also.

    By Blogger Heather, at 7:45 PM  

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