Friday, December 02, 2005

A real FO report on the Scarf

I just wanted to make a more formal FO post about the scarf. You know, something to build on for the future. A FO template, if you will.
Plus those pictures I posted are hideous and I want to pretend that never happened. So here you have it.

Yarn:3 full hanks of Manos de Uruguay, Cotton Stria. (That link is one of the few places you can buy this online. It calls the yarn heavy worsted, but that's utter crap. It may look that thick because of the loft, but it doesn't knit that way. I'd say worsted at most.)
Color: White (though I'd call it off-white at the very least)
Needles: Crystal Palace US 6 9"
Gauge: Couldn't tell ya'
Pattern: 2x2 ribbing forever
Notes: This yarn is positively wonderful. It's soft and cozy, easy to knit with, looks like boucle but doesn't pull that way. There is a nice firm strand around the kinky strand that keeps it from bunching or getting too difficult to control. It also blocked out pretty well considering my mistakes and the ribbing and that it's cotton. I was a little worried while it was drying that washing (handwashed in woolite in lukewarm water/soaked a half hour then soaked in clean water a half hour) or blocking was going to mess with the fluffy texture or loft of the yarn, but it didn't. It was pretty icky looking when it was about half dry, but when I upinned it, it went back to being cozy. Much to my relief. It also lost some of it's tendecy to stretch vertically, which is a relief. Maybe it's just that the yarn relaxed a little in it's bath and it's pulling so much anymore. I did pull it a little horizontally when I blocked it, but not length wise. I ran out of futon as it is.


  • Nice Scarf! The Lace one too! You left a comment on my website and I couldn't find an e-mail to write you back. Thank you for your words of encouragement on "my" way of made me feel better.

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 12:14 AM  

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