Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yay for Yarn!

Here is the fabulous package that I got yesterday from Kaleidescope Yarns. I ordered this sometime last week and have been waiting for it. Especially since this past Saturday I got my shipment from Amazon that included Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I'm going to try one of the simpler patterns out of there for my first sock. I plan to use the Lorna's Laces for this because it has plenty of yardage per skein and I won't have to worry about running out with a top down pattern on my big ol' feeties. Most of the patterns in this book are for sizes 8-9 and my feet are a 9, but I just don't like tight socks. I figure by adding a couple of rows on the foot part, and maybe going up a needle size or adding a couple stiches around should make the whole thing work out. Since I have no concept of how long I can make them without worrying about yardage, I figured I should use the Lorna's ample yardage to figure this out. Also, I picked out this color of the Koigu specifically for the Elfine Socks. I just liked that colorway for such a "woodsy" sock. These are magic loop toe up, so I can make them until I run out of yarn, which makes me happy. That way I don't waste any of this yummy yarn.
As soon as I figure out what's going on with the darn Grandpa hat, I will cast on for some socks. I can't wait. It might happen sooner than figuring out the hat, since I so brilliantly planned for a hat where you could roll up the brim and then did it in a non reversable stitch. Yeah, I'm real proud of that choice. I've got a little thinking about how to get myself out of this one without frogging back forever or going forward and making it look totally stupid. At this point, I'd rather bind this puppy off, give it away, and start a new one, rather than trying to fix the one I made. Sad but true.
Anyhow, that's all from me today. I have made some decisions about yesterdays post. I'm fairly certain I'll be waiting for the Knit Picks to get the color for the tank top, get the Longmeadow yarn for the Bad Penny, and using the Elann Alpaca for the Hourglass, but I haven't ordered anything yet. My decisions are never official until the shipment leaves the store. =)


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