Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The knot of the century

So, my News Gator went a little psycho today and decided that everything on the blogs for the month of February was new. When I logged on I had 363 "new" feeds to read. I mean I know it was a long weekend, but sheesh. Thankfully they were not all new or I'd still be on the first blog! But, I'm still digging through them, I doubt I'll catch up today. Living behind, story of my life lately, but that's another entry.

What you see here is the nearly finished stockinette in the round for the tank top. I would have the required 13.5 inches done if it wasn't for the knot of the century.
When I wound the skein into a ball, everything went fine. Ofcourse the skein flew off the table and onto the floor to entertain the furry things, but that's nothing new. But when it was all done I had my pretty little center pull ball on the winder. I even tied the outside strand to itself so that it wouldn't undwind and make a mess like it did last time. Then, when I pulled the ball off the winder I didn't quite grab it all and had to grab a couple of stray loops off the winder. I should have stopped right then and there and rewound the damn ball, but it was only a couple of loops, right? WRONG. The ball kept getting tangled on itself, no matter what I did, until finally there was no undoing it. So, I set my knitting down and went to untangle the mess. I got some more yards untangled until there was nothing I could do. I spent the next two hours trying to untangle the mess. About half way through I realized there was no way to do it without cutting the knitting free - yay another two ends to weave in, I'm so excited. Can't you tell? Anyhow, I spent the rest of the time untangling until I got to the heart of the matter only to find that there was no way in hell I could get the knot out, and even if I did the yarn would be totally useless. At this point I was so frustrated I just gave up and ate ice cream. So, hopefully tonight I'll finish up that stupid half an inch that I couldn't do last night and start dividing for the v-neck. Apparently some of this is knit flat, which I didn't realize. It's not an issue, but I'm not sure how it's going to work, but at this point, I'm just going to do what the pattern tells me to, and not ask questions. Not necessarily the best policy in life, but this being a beginner's first garment, it might just be the best plan of attack.


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