Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nothing much to report

Someone you may know is in jail today.
The jealous tendecies of this little furball got the best of her yesterday. Before I left for work I fed the kitty two little treats, as the dog looked on. Pay no mind that Jordan got her biscuit before Sunshine got her little treats. When Boyfriend returned home yesterday he found our basement covered in little blue peices of aluminum. These peices used to be the bag for the Whiska's kitty treats, but now all the treats, and half the bag, were in this little dogs tummy. That, along with some Neosporin, which I deduce was just collateral damage because it was near the kitty treats. My guess is that the kitty treats fell victim to "chainsaw" as we lovingly refer to her, about 35 and a half seconds after I closed the front door on the way to work. By the time I got home she had suffered no ill effects from eating all the treats and the ointment. Thankfully. It's my deduction, that she is perhaps half German Shepherd and half goat. Who knew?

In knitting news I have nothing to report. I'm shamelessly using this picture of the dog to distract you from the fact that I didn't knit a single stich yesterday. Not. one. stitch. Sad, but I do have an excuse. Well, two. The first is that I felt like poopoo all day, and took quite a bit of meds, but nothing helped. The second is that the pattern made absolutely no sense to me and I had to call in the expert hand holder. With her help we managed to figure out what's going on, eventhough it makes no freaking sense to me. But I'm going to follow my mantra of Do as the pattern says, and hope it works out. I think they call that learning.


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