Thursday, March 09, 2006

Perplexed puppy

I am smattering this post with pictures of a very perplexed puppy because I don't really have any knitting to show you. This is Jordan trying to figure out what the hell boyfriend is doing - he was playing his French horn at the time. The look of confusion that animals give to humans is one of my favorite things about owning pets. I laugh every time I see it.
Anyhow, I choose not bore you with pictures of the second sock. Imagine the pictures of the first sock. I'm past the cuff and a little into the leg of the sock. I really have no idea how long it's going to take me to finish since the first one was started way back when, and also was a huge learning process. I would like to get a good handle on how long it takes me to finish a pair. Just so I know.
Currently the sock is all I'm working on, but my mind is wandering to other things. I did buy two HUGE balls of Acryl-ick yarn yesterday for $2 each at Joanns (they're having a sale on it. Get it while you can). I would like make some baby hats and socks for 40 days for Others. I'm not really celebrating Lent, but I think it's a good time frame to work on things, and it's nice to know that you are working with other people for the greater good. I haven't signed up yet because I'd like to take a crack at baby socks or a hat to see how it will turn out. I'd like to have one thing done before I dive in, that way. I also plan to throw in the three hats that I made learning continental. So far, I have no idea where any of this would go yet, but there are many great causes. So, I've spent some time surfing for good patterns, and I've found a few. I'm trying to find patterns that work with the yarn and needles I have so that I can continue to save for Maryland Sheep & Wool. Heather and I will be attending, and I'm planning on catching up with Martha. Any other bloggers that are going to be there, send me an email at jkv78ATyahooDOTcom I'd love to rally everyone together either at the festival or after. MD is, after all, my home state ;)
So, I imagine that the photos may be pretty boring for awhile, unless I manage to knock out some fast booties or a hat or some other photo worthy thing. In the meantime, I will be loading all of my old photos onto my brand new external hard drive. That is, if Boyfriend will put it together for me (hint, hint). Just don't throw away anything, I want my rebate!


  • whooo hoo!!! MD here we come! ;) Do you think it will be sweater cold weather? If you go to Walmart you should go and get yourself a t-shirt from the men's's white with the word black and under it a pic of a black sheep....if it's warm enough I plan to wear it. :)

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 8:35 AM  

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