Friday, April 28, 2006


I do knit. You wouldn't know it from this blog lately, but I do. See? This is (still) the leg of the first sock. I've been working on it exclusively all week, with what little time I've had. I've decided that I can go another inch or so before starting the heel flap without constricting my calves too much. The change in pattern is really helping with the overall sizing, and I'm really liking the ribbing pattern. Just enough purls to make it interesting, but not so many you slow down to an absolute crawl. I do still have to throw when I use dpns, so I'm already going slower than I normally would, but I must say that I'm surprised I've gotten this far down the leg so fast, especially with all the set backs. This Vesper yarn is a bit thicker than the Lorna's and I must say, I really like that. It's a little itty bit scratchy right now, but I think some Euclan will soften it right up. Plus, despite this horrid picture, the colors are just so great. They keep my eyes entertained, and the striping pattern is about 4-5 stitches wide, so just about the time you're tired of the color, a new one appears and that means you've gone about a little less than half an inch. I do about 4 stripes a night, so I feel like I'm flying. If I could ever catch more Vesper when it's online, I would totally order more. However, with the Sheep and Wool festival a little more than a week away, I'm trying to practice some self restraint. I have some sock yarn money put away and Heather and I are bolting straight to the Socks that Rock!

And because I simply couldn't resist some more garden pictures, here they are below.
Have a great weekend!These are called Chicks and Hens. Forgive me, I'm not into the latin names. Anyhow, these guys were fighting some mint for control over this cement planter when we bought the house. I didn't even think anything was in this planter at first. So I ripped out the moss and the mint and the next thing I knew, these guys were sprouting up. Now they're all over the planter and they rule their roost!Here's a wide shot of the seedlings. I've had to increase the real estate that's close to the light. I see now why they make those light stands with the chains. Much easier to raise and lower the light than the plants. The paper pots are all the plants I repotted who were out growing the flat. More can come out, but they're not dying to yet, so I left them. That way they're warmer because of how they sit on the heating pad that's under the blue towel.

And lastly, a close up of the flat. Peppers on the back left, 7 million dollar flowers back right, Brandywine tomatoes close left, one freaky growing tomatillo and the couple of Romas that weren't ready to repot close right. All the cherry tomatoes and most Romas and the one tomatillo got repotted. None of the other zucchinis came up at all. I actually dug some of the seeds out to see what happened, and no one else germinated. I'm going to take a stab at it again soon and plant the ones that germinate, right into their mound. Ofcourse none of them could match the craziness of the super zucchini.


  • Eucalen will soften them up.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 7:54 AM  

  • I love the colors in your yarn. I borrowed the Vintage Sock book from the library and I love it! I esp. like the Child's First Sock pattern. I too will be bolting to the STR booth! :) My friend suggested that I take a look at different patterns that I am interested in knitting and write down the yardage and gauge so I won't be totally overwhelmed by all of the yarn. Have fun at sheep and wool! :)

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 1:53 PM  

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