Friday, April 21, 2006

Quick! Look! Knitting!

I know, I know, it's a major surprise. No one have a heart attack, okay?
I have been knitting, but it's been boring and slow, and not very interesting to blog about, but this is actually interesting. It's my replacement sock for the toe up drama babies. I ripped the needles out of that puppy, paged through my Knitting Vintage Socks, and decided on the Madder Ribbed. Here you see the cuff and the first few rows of the leg. I'm so very happy now. I love the colors, I love the one less needle, I love the pattern. The only alterations I will make are to add more stitches to the feet and to change it to a flat toe instead of a gathered one. I've even decided to do this on 1s and knit looser. That should make Lady Deb happy. ;) Doing it is actually taking some restraint not to yank on the yarn constantly, but my hands are much happier.

The yarn, in case you're wondering, is Vesper - color knit and tonic. I should have divided it into two balls, one for each sock, but I've decided that at 440 yards, the chances of me running out of yarn are almost non existent. It's equivalent to the Lorna's Laces yardage and I have a ton of that leftover, so it's all good. Also, I have no scale or yarn meter to do such dividing, so it's a moot point anyhow. Just to show you the magnitude of this yarn, here's the full hank wound next to one hank of koigu. That's a lotta' yarn!


  • The yanr looks just yummy, and the sock is coming along well too. I love the colors.

    By Blogger Emma, at 6:35 PM  

  • I'm happy! I'm happy!! Pretty sock too :)

    Have a great weekend Jes!

    By Blogger Debi, at 8:00 PM  

  • Much better, I think the pattern will be great with that yarn. I love the colors, anything with green in it and I'm happy!

    By Blogger Heather, at 4:06 PM  

  • I like those colors together! How do you like the Vintage sock book?

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 10:12 AM  

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