Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Strangely similar

Looking at this picture might give you a sense of deja vu. Like you've seen it somewhere before. Like it doesn't look any different than it did the last time, except..... What is it that's wrong? Is it the striping that's changed, the ribbing, the entire pattern, perhaps? Yeah, it's that last one. Despite having gotten through the first 3 inches or so of the madder rib, it had to be ripped. I kept trying it on, and looking at it, and it just didn't seem right. Despite going over my foot quite nicely, and over my heel well - as well as can be expected when there are three pointy sticks in it - it just didn't work on my fat shapely calves. It's not that it didn't stretch enough, I was able to pull them up and over, but the pattern got all stretched out, and it was not flattering. Yeah, it's the bit that's going to be hidden, but it looked terrible, and I just couldn't live with it. I considered my options
a) suck it up, make the sock, lose weight, deal.
b) suck it up and make the sock for someone with daintier calves
c) rip it out and throw the yarn out the window
d) rip it out and start again with an extra pattern repeat (bringing total sts to 70 AKA too many)
e) rip it out and add 1 k st to all the wide ribs (bringing total sts to 67 but screwing up pattern)
f) rip it out, start again with larger needles, hate the fabric it makes, rip it out again, go back to size 1s, pick a different pattern, knit that, take picture, blog about it. Be happy(er).

I think you know what I did. This is the yarrow ribbed pattern, btw. It has 66 sts instead of 60, which works out better all the way around.

And now to distract you from my total lack of forward progress on any thing knit, I present to you some preformance art that happens in our house daily. I give you:

Cat lounging in a bath tub

Fuzzy picture due to cat's complete inabilty to hold still for more than a milisecond, except while being cute (which only happens while sleeping) and you don't have your camera.


  • Better start anew than putting up with something you don't really love! I just received my vesper yarn and love it! I wish to knit it up quickly too!
    Your cat is adorable.

    By Blogger Agnes, at 1:35 PM  

  • I often choose option C but then I just have to go outside and find the freakin' thing! I'm thinking all this "sock savvy" means you're a REAL sock knitter're not Velveteen any more :)

    Pumpkin hangs in my tub too! Weird, hehe....

    PS - bloglines didnt update your feed, you were a red exclamation point!

    By Blogger Debi, at 4:33 PM  

  • I'm puzzling over calf shaping right now, but with stockinette stitch--I think it wiuld be harder to incorporate (though not impossible) in a ribbed pattern. It's a strange new world to me. ;-)

    How about a ribbed cuff and a stockinette leg? That would give you some stretch at the top, and you could decrease a little after the ribbing if you needed to.

    By Blogger Beth S., at 1:35 PM  

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