Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Eastern Sock in a Western World

Today, in the seemingly never ending parade of socks, I bring you my Pomatomus socks. They are from Knitty, which I would link but I think you all know what I'm talking about and the Knitty home page is acting all funny, so I'm letting it go.
Anyhow, this is more than a repeat and a half. I did one repeat successfully in the car on the way back from California, but didn't pay enough attention to that little stitch rearranging deal you do after you finish the chart. I started the second repeat, got 3 rows in, realized the mistake, tinked back, and needed a break. Okay, really I got pissed off and threw the thing in my bag, but there's no need to go into the sordid details. Alas, I was annoyed and my hands hurt from all those K2togtbl. Yeah, that gets old. And that's even coming from the girl that used to think that Ktbl was the way to knit normally. I can see why people are frequently just doing plain knits in this pattern and moving on with their lives. I don't think that it helps that this is the medium weight STR and not the light weight. Although, I suppose I might end up doing the light weight on size 1, which would probably mean that it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference, but who knows. Having never seen the light weight, I can't say what I would knit it on.
Anyhow, after doing so much on this pattern yesterday my fingers feel a little funny and my wrists are not feeling so hot. I don't think that this pattern will be going anywhere fast. While it is fun, it hurts like hell after awhile, so this might only see action once a week or so. Maybe a little more once I get down to the foot where I only have to pattern on a couple of needles. I'm starting to wish that I hadn't "sucked it up" and done the Ktbl approach, but I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal when I started, especially considering my stupidity learning experience in the past. I was wrong. It sucks. But, hindsight is 20/20. I sure as hell am not ripping out the hours of work I've put in so far. They will simply take me much longer to do. No big deal, especially since it isn't exactly sock wearing season right now (hello! 96 degrees yesterday!).

So that's the Eastern Sock bit. Now for the Western Town......

While we were in Cali I kept seeing these signs for Paramount's Western Town, so I asked the soon-to-be MIL about it. Apparently, it is the large stretch of land and buildings, owned by Paramount, and used to film any sort of western style film or tv show. The likes of Gunsmoke and Dr. Quinn have been filmed there, and from the look of some of the buildings, I think Maverick might have had a moment or two in this town, but I could be wrong. See if anything looks familiar to you....


  • I'm going thru the same of my hands hurt from all the knitting and clicking (work-related) that I've been doing.....Hopefully it goes away for both of us!!!!

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 7:19 PM  

  • Gorgeous!


    By Blogger amylovie, at 7:59 PM  

  • The sock is really pretty! Are you knitting continental? I don't really find Ktbl any big deal but I knit continental! Try it?

    By Blogger Debi, at 8:25 PM  

  • Love the sock! I would just knit on it every once in a while. You don't want to mess up your hands! "Western town" looks familiar to me...but then again, all westerns look the same to me!

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 8:36 AM  

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