Tuesday, May 09, 2006


As the weather has been rather gloomy since I got out of a concert on Sunday afternoon, I haven't been able to take pics of my MD S&W aquisitions. The weather has just cleared up, so I can get you some "yorn" soon. I got some STR and some Tess'. Most aquisitions are going to be socks one day, but I did get some for a ballet style shrug for when my office turns into the meat locker (sorry sheep!)
Until then I will distract you with some photogenic fur producers.

Impending knitting content: 1 yarrow rib sock completed and kitchenered(!) and the cuff of the second half way done, and more knit tonight. (I hope)

This gal has an eye on ewe.
Omg that was awful! I'm so sorry. Feel free to groan.

There were loads of lamby-kins and I wanted to cuddle all of them. Sadly they look down on this at the festival unless you intend to buy.
Hrm, this black sheep is giving me the same stare I alwatys get from Jordan. Somehow I doubt she wants a milkbone.

Look at the horns on this guy! This is a Jacob sheep. Apparently this breed goes back to biblical times and hasn't really been altered since. They can have 2, 4 or 6 horns! We didn't see any with 6, but I would love to.

The wrinkly nose makes me giggle. These sheep look so tired all the time.

This is an Angora bunny. I think I have dust bunnies floating around the house that might be this big. Too bad I can't make yarn from them. I'd make millions! Okay, thousands...

Just kidding around. Some kids playing and eating. They were adorable and cheap. Boyfriend should thank his lucky stars we're not zoned for live stock.

Here's another good reason. Alpacas are so dman cute. Where's the next alpaca fest?

Things that make you hrm....and ew! all in the same breath.


  • Hee hee, eye on ewe.

    By Blogger Emma, at 7:34 PM  

  • I am sooo bummed I didn't make it! Glad you had a good time! BTW LOVE vesper obsessed with getting some! :)

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 12:46 AM  

  • I loved your pics! I also groaned at the twinkies....yuck. Did you catch the fried oreos? Double yuck! Looking forward to your yarn pics. What time did you buy your STR? We were there at 9:20am and they were already out of a few colorways!

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 2:53 PM  

  • Cute!

    Deep fried Twinkies really aren't bad.


    By Blogger amylovie, at 8:39 AM  

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