Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sock crazy

I've been hard at work on my Jaywalkers, lately, and here's the evidence. I'm past the heel, on to the foot and through the gusset decreases. I started it after getting exceedingly pissed off at myself for screwing up the Pomatomus socks, while on the road back from California. I haven't turned back since (Don't worry, I didn't frog them, just put them aside).
I never thought I would have any desire to knit these after the mania that ocurred at Cara's, but I must say, there was pretty good reason for it. The pattern is simple and entertaining, and easy to pick up at any time. I've had to tink back my share of rows for forgetting to switch to a pattern or non-patterning round, but it hasn't gotten to me at all. I must say I'm surprised because that has happened a LOT. What can I say, I'm easily distracted.
One thing I must say is that I'm using Lorna's Laces and I've been really pissed off with this skein. I had to break and start about a foot further down the yarn because there was a part where all but one of the plies had been broken and were untwisting down the yarn. Now I have a nice hole where I did that and have to try to weave in the yarn to cover it. I've also found an especially large number of pills. Some of them won't even come off. When I tug at them, it becomes apparent that removing them would break one of the plies and I'd be in the same mess all over again. I'm hoping that this is just a poo poo skein and that the other one is not like this. I'd be especially aggravated if it was. The only other thing is that it might be the colorway. I don't why, but I guess it's possible, especially since I didn't have any problems with either of my Black Purl socks. Oh and that second pic there is just to show you the color better. My camera seems to have major issues with color and direct sunlight. Figure that one out!

And Now for Something Completely Different:

Here are some crazy pictures of the out of control fog at my soon to be In-Laws place in Cali. Apparently in the spring every night the fog rolls in, so when you wake up it looks like this:

And then later in the afternoon, say between 12-2, it all burns off and looks like this:

And then it all rolls back in again that evening. I had never seen anything like it!


  • OH NO!!! I can't believe that happened with LL!!! I JUST bought some, I hope I don't have the same problem.

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 4:01 PM  

  • Sometimes you just get a bad skein. I happily knit many pairs of knot-free Opal socks, and then all of a sudden, every skein I touched had major knot issues. Okay, it was just two skeins, but still! It was deeply upsetting to be betrayed by yarn I loved and trusted.

    You can always fix that little hole when the sock is done. Don't worry about it too much. Weaving in the ends will help immensely.

    By Blogger Beth S., at 4:34 PM  

  • I just knit my first pair of socks using LL and I didn't have any problems with it. Hopefully, it is just a bad skein. Your jaywalker looks great!

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 6:13 PM  

  • I'm sure it was a bad skein! I've knit with lots of LL and never had a problem! The socks looks great (even if I hate the pattern,LOL)

    My brother lives in SF and the fog never ceases to amaze me!

    By Blogger Debi, at 9:13 PM  

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