Friday, June 16, 2006

Gone to the Garden

A photo essay

This is what happens when you call a building materials company and ask them to drop off a couple (or seven) tons of dirt at your house....
That is, after you slap down your credit card first. Which is not nearly as fun as slapping down the plastic at the LYS.

When they leave a pile like this in your driveway, you can count on needing the Advil the next day for the broken back you're about to get....

To give you an idea of perspective, that is the handsome, and over 6'0 tall, Fiance in the background, ready to dive into the pile of dirt.

Here is the largest bed that I built. The pictures are a little hazy because of all the sun, but it's got three tomato plants and a pepper and zucchini plant in there. There are also several marigolds in there to keep away the mosquitos (from me) and the rabbits (from my bounty).

This bed is black dog optional.

This is the main veggie bed. It gets a lot of sun and hopefully will make my tomatoes, peppers and yellow squash happy. Our back door, which leads right into the kitchen, is just to the right of this picture, so I can easily hop right out there and give them some water or snatch up some food.

This is the way the shed area used to look before we moved in...

And this is it now. I didn't have enough sunny spaces for all the plants I bought, so we got some containers to plant them in, and I (slowly) moved all the bricks that were on the side over and Fiance and our neighbor moved the wood pile around the corner - all at once!

In the end, we didn't use all the dirt, so our neighbor got a bunch and the rest is now stored safely away under this tarp until further notice.


And in knitting land, for you I have no pictures. Sorry 'bout that, but the second jaywalker is about as interesting as the first. I have just turned the heel and need to pick up stitches.
I am also in the considering stage of one project and the I-am-waiting-for-my-damn-yarn-to-get-here in another. The considering is for several lacey things that I would like to make for some family and the already ordered, tapping my toe waiting, is for some Shine Sport to make picovoli. I had several skeins leftover from the baby blanket, so I used that to start a swatch last night. Another couple of hours and I'll have a good size swatch to measure. I'm hoping to get gauge first time since I have absolutely no patience for knitting gauge swatches in the round. But it must be done *sigh*

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. My crazy family arrives tonight, so things might will get way hectic, and very odd pictures might find their way here. Do not be alarmed, things will return to normal the usual someday soon (if your definition of soon is 43 days or so).



  • Ooh, I'm jealous of your garden! Someday I'll have a house and a sunny backyard! Definitely a good idea to stick with Shine over Saucy Sport. I've knit with both and Shine is better.

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 5:30 PM  

  • I see you put alot of work into your garden...good luck to you. I recently jumped on the jaywalker bandwagon and am working on it. I'm reading blogs to destract myself from the fact that my kitty is lost out in the rain, and not here in her warm house where she should be....just keep me in your thoughts if you could.

    By Blogger traveling knitter, at 1:14 PM  

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