Friday, July 14, 2006

Rilly behind

Well, hello there! I bet you thunk that I had slid off the face of the planet. But not so. I've just been busy busy busy with wedding planning and lace knitting obsession.
I've had oh so many blog entries floating around my head, but none of them made it to reality. So I'll give you the sad tales in brief(ish).

First, this is sadly dark picture is evidence of the knitting. It's the DFS almost done short of the i-cord bind off. By my calculations I have a little over 200 stitches on the needles and that's a LOT of stitches to bind off i-cord style. I've done one i-cord bind off in the past, on the hat that never happened, and it took fricking forever. I am NOT looking forward to it. But, at least I've finished all the chart repeats. I have considered and re-considered doing one more chart repeat, but I only have a little over a hundred yards of yarn left (slightly more than one ball) and I just don't think I can make it. Not only will I run out of yarn, I'll run out of emotional stability. It seems that ever since I got myself into the fifth chart repeat I have done nothing but make mistakes. One of those blog entries was going to be about the disaster that happened when I dropped two stitches. The ones that laddered down four rows. Four rows that I eventually ended up tinking back so that I could figure out what stitches got lost. I am clearly NOT an experience lace knitter because I couldn't figure out how the chart repeats lined up and had to just go back to the drawing board. I am, however, experienced enough to know about a lifeline and to decide not to use it. Note to self, even if I don't do it every row, once a chart repeat is advisable. I ended up tinking back to one row short of the beginning of the chart, and I guarantee you that it would have taken me far less time to rip out that extra couple of rows and reknit it than it was to sit and ponder for hours what was wrong and then end up tinking back. *Sigh* Live and learn, no?

I've also done some work on the Seed-ovoli, but none this week. I was hoping to have it done and ready to wear by Sunday since my Mom is being so sweet and throwing us an engagement party, but I just don't think it's going to happen. I still have a couple of decreases to go and a few inches and five rows of seed stitch. When you're throwing, we know how long that takes (read forever).

So now I have two forever long finishing projects and I will have to FOs to present. Plus, if I could get around to knitting that foot of my second Jaywalker, I'd have three, but let's not get out of control here. I wouldn't want to freak you guys out with that many FOs at once. It would be like I knit rilly fast, and we know that ain't the truth ;)

Have happy and healthy summer weekends. Hopefully be back with more to report soon. Mwah!


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