Tuesday, August 22, 2006

In the air

I feel lately like I have eight or so balls in the air, and for one reason or another, I'm waiting for them all to come down so I can juggling them some more. Amongst those balls are wedding things, crafty things, health things and life in general things. Come to think of it, it's probably more than eight balls, but I don't want to think about that, because that might cause me to spontaneously combust or worse, cause some mental health things to juggle as well. This carnival act that I'm doing is why the blog posts have been few and far between, and likely incoherent, even on the good days.
Many a day, I have thought about posting and then gotten caught up in something else, or have gotten as far as getting some pictures loaded, but haven't had the brain power to put together the post. I have, at least, managed to take pictures of my knitting progess. The knits can therefore grow before your eyes, all in one post. Like miracle grow for wool.
Like today, above we have a picture from last Thursday or Friday where I had just managed to get through the completely painful chart 2 of Ene's. The garter stitch nightmare, if you will. And to the right-ish, we have a picture from Monday (I think, I can't even tell you what day it is, let alone remember when I took pictures), where I finished one repeat of Chart 3. I have to go through that chart at least three more times, so, it's going to be awhile. At least I'm supposedly decreasing like mad, which I tell you it doesn't feel like. The purling back is as painful as ever. But, eventually I should be able to notice shorter rows and have the whole thing just zip by. Then one wee Chart 4, a three needle bind off of 7 stitches (which I've never done before, or even read the directions for, so it should be interesting), and a good soak and pin and we're done. The best (or worst, I'm trying to be optimistic here) part here, is that I bought this yarn because I was tired of not having a lace project to work on while waiting for my zephyr yarn to arrive. It's still not here, and it's possible that I might finish this project that wasn't supposed to happen, before I even get that yarn. I'm not really excited about this prospect, because it would leave me project-less again for awhile, but it might be amusing in a few years. Maybe.
But, for now, I will try not to think of all the not so funny things that might happen and concentrate on getting some of these balls out of the mix, and try to get a post in every now and again.


  • Ene's looking good! I hope you're proud of yourself for escaping from Garter Stitch Island. :-) And now that you're in easier territory, I hope the shawl helps with your stress instead of adding to it.

    By Blogger Beth S., at 1:57 PM  

  • I have always loved the Ene's scarf. I may have to dive in and try it. What yarn are you using?

    I hope that everything starts to look up for you. Life is stressful even without weddings to worry about. Make sure that you give yourself a break when you need it and let yourself know that it is ok to breathe! :)

    By Blogger knitfriendly, at 8:18 AM  

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